1000 brix

1000 brix

Millebrix is a Brussels-based construction firm that approached us with a name and a desire to develop an identity system around that name. The name itself translates from French to “one thousand bricks”. After studying a detailed brief that stressed the importance of simplicity we started looking into the simplest forms and techniques used in construction. We stumbled upon the strongest type of brick called a core hole brick. These bricks have 3 holes right in the center of the brick which helps with connecting the bricks to each other and allows for rebar and mortar to connect brick to brick easily.

They are designed to enhance the stability and core features of any structure. So we studied the core hole brick closely to identify its uniqueness and obviously the fact that it has 3 huge holes in the middle stood out. We envisioned that the three holes could serve as the 3 0s in the number thousand and started sketching ideas for the identity. We eventually drew up a simple visual identity that had meaning behind it and at the same time symbolized the number 1000 for Millebrix.The brand identity concept utilizes the three holes in a core hole brick for the three zeros in the word one thousand [1000]. A minimalist approach to the identity combines a 1 with three 0’s to form a clean, bold, and playful logo that reads 1000 or “mille”. To accentuate the playfulness and accessibility of the identity, neon-like chartreuse was used for the brand to be everything but bland.